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I am a British (Liverpool) born sociologist living and working in Croatia since 1993. I am currently a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Economics, Zagreb

I am also an Associate of the Globalism and Social Policy Programme - on this page you can find a number of articles of mine to download.

I am also an Associate of the South East European Research Centre - which is located in Thessaloniki Greece


My current research interests include:


  • International Actors and Social Policy in South-Eastern Europe (a book on this topic, co-edited by Bob Deacon, has been published by Edward Elgar in October 2007 - more details here)
  • Transnational Governmentalities, Intermediaries and Translation in South Eastern Europe (joint work with Noemi Lendvai and a series of seminars funded by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Zagreb - read more about the Transnational Governmentality Workshops here)
  • Social Policy Reform in Croatia (joint work with Siniša Zrinščak and others)
  • Civil Society and Social Movements in Post-Yugoslav Countries
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting
  • Innovation, Clusters, and Networking
  • Community Development and Mobilization in Croatia


this wiki

On this wiki I am planning to make available more recent texts, works in progress, and details of workshops, conferences, etc which I am involved in.


In memory of Aaron Schwartz, here is a recent text available as a pdf file 1174.full.pdf (Stubbs amd Maglajlić, British j of Social Work)


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Doctor Paul Stubbs
I am not THAT Doctor Paul Stubbs although some might say there are similiarities :-)

Doctor Paul Stubbs was an astrophysicist who devoted his entire life's work to the study of a neutron star/red giant star system in the Kavis Alpha sector. The neutron star was remarkable for the fact that it sucked up matter from the red giant, which exploded every 196 years.


Recent Texts


* Emergent Regional Co-Operation in South East Europe: towards 'open regionalism', published by the Journal of South East European and Black Sea Studies, is a joint text with Christophe Solioz, who has uploaded a copy on to his website: http://www.ceis-eu.org/publications/articles/2009/doc/2009_sebss_ps_cs.pdf


* Reflections on International Actors and the Making of Social Policy in Croatia is available online from the Revija za socijalnu politiku (Croatian Journal of Social Policy). It is in a special issue of the journal in honour of Professor Vlado Puljiz published in NOVEMBER 2008. www.rsp.hr/ojs2/index.php/rsp/article/viewFile/776/719


* This text SPACroatia Stubbs Zrinscak Final.pdf is the final pre-publication version of a text by myself and Siniša Zrinščak 'Croatian Social Policy: the legacies of war, state-building and late Europeanization'. It is published in APRIL 2009 by the journal Social Policy and Administration 43(2); 121-135. The issue is a special issue on Social Policy in Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to Blackwell publishing for permission to reproduce the pre-print version. 


* 4 Questions on the Crisis - a short polemical essay from MARCH 2009 on the lack of attention to the social impacts of the financial crisis in Croatia. Croatian version is at http://vrijemeje.com/node/29 and English version at  http://vrijemeje.com/en/node/49


* Studies on Social protection and Social Inclusion in the Western Balkans. I am the author of the synthesis report (January 2009) which can be found at: http://ec.europa.eu/employment_social/spsi/docs/social_inclusion/2008/wb_synthesis_report_en.pdf and co-author of the report on Kosovo which can be found at: http://ec.europa.eu/employment_social/spsi/docs/social_inclusion/2008/kosovo_en.pdf. These are part of a series of independent studies for the European Commission.


*Social Region Stubbs.pdf Forthcoming text on the Regional Dimension of Social Policy in South East Europe, NEW August 2008 to be published by Friedrich Ebert stiftung


*Conclusions from the book edited by myself and Bob Deacon 'Social Policy and International Interventions in South East Europe'. Chapter 12 is authored by Bob Deacon, Noemi Lendvai and Paul Stubbs

Myself and Bob Deacon at the book launch in Skopje 15 February 2008

LendvaiStubbsPolicyTranslation.pdf Policies as Translation by Noemi Lendvai and Paul Stubbs in Hodgson and Irving (eds) Policy Reconsidered published in late 2007 by Policy Press *


'Civil Society or Ubleha?'

A text of mine on the concept of civil society and its usage in the post-Yugoslav space. It has now appeared (in English and Serbian) in a collection of essays on Peacebuilding in the Region of the former Yugoslavia' published by the Centre for Non-Violent Action. On this web sitehttp://www.nenasilje.org/publikacije/pdf/20poticaja/20pieces-eng.pdf you can download the entire book!


'Aspects   of Community Development in Contemporary Croatia: globalisation, neo-liberalisation and NGO-isation' Chapter on Croatia in a book (published by Ashgate in March 2007) edited by Lena Dominelli 'Revitalising Communities in a Globalising World'


'Mobilizacija i razvoj zajednica' (Croatian language text) New book on Community development and Mobilisation in Croatia published by MAP Savjetovanja and edited by Marina Škrabalo, Nives Miošić-Lisjak and Jasmina Papa. The whole book is available on MAP's web pages. There are two chapters authored by myself.


This photo was taken at the Book Launch in Booksa left to right: Mia Papa Stubbs; Jasmina Papa; Dražen Lalić; Paul Stubbs; Tea Skokić; Luka Papa Stubbs; Marina Škrabalo


Social Protection and Social Inclusion in Croatia This 2006 report by myself and colleagues at the Institute of Economics, Zagreb for The European Commission, Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities DG served as an independent background study for the drawing up of Croatia's Joint Inclusion Memorandum (JIM).


Unplugged - faces of social exclusion in Croatia I am co-author (with Siniša Zrinščak) of Chapter 4 'Key Challenges' of UNDP's National Human Development Report for Croatia 2006 which has now been published (February 2007)


Rethinking Computer mediated Anti-war activism. Extract from a new text - a reworking of some of my research on Za Mir appearing in a collection of essays in honour of Wolfgang Petritsch


Towards a New Welfare Mix for the Most Vulnerable: Reforming Social Services in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia Vesna Bošnjak and Paul Stubbs - is included in a collection published by the Institute of Economics and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung on 'Social Policy and Regional Development' (2007).


International Organizations and Child Care System Reform in South East Europe. This July 2007 report for UNICEF is now available on UNICEF's CEE/CIS website.



Stretching Concepts Too Far?: multi-level governance, policy transfer and the politics of scale in South Eastern Europe

An article published in the Journal Southeast European Politics Online. This is part of ongoing work looking conceptually and empirically at transnational actors, particularly intermediaries and brokers, in South Eastern Europe


The Za Mir (for peace)network: from transnational social movement to Croatian NGO?

This updates the story of Za Mir which I first wrote about in 1998. It continues my

interest in understanding computer-mediated activism. It has appeared online in a collection of texts from a conference in Sheffield in 2004. Some of the other papers are extremely interesting and can be downloaded from this site.



CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS September 2005 - present


Here you can find copies of some of my recent and forthcoming conference papers.





Interview (H-alter 5 November 2006)

Here you can find an interview with me, in Croatian language, in the web magazine H-alter, primarily on the topic of the (lack of) meaning of the concept of 'civil society'.


Interview (Jutarnji list 11 August 2007)

Here is a new interview with me in Croatia's leading mass circulation daily newspaper. As you can see from some of the Forum comments, my attempt to discuss 'captured', 'active' and 'smart' social policy in Croatia did not go down well with everyone!




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