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Paul Stubbs


Curriculum Vitae/

List of Publications

Summary Information

Name: Dr. Paul Arthur Stubbs

Position: Senior Research Fellow, The Institute of Economics, Zagreb, Croatia

Associate, The Globalism and Social Policy Programme, University of Sheffield, UK

Associate, South East European Research Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece


Date of Birth: 5 April 1959


Nationality: British


EMail: pstubbs@zamir.net


Educational Qualifications:


PhD Social Science, University of Bath, UK, 1988 Thesis on the Reproduction of Racism in State Social Work

MA (Ed) Sociology, University of Leicester, UK 1981

BA (Hons) Class I, Social Studies, University of Hull, UK 1980

CQSW (Certificate of Qualification in Social Work), University of Warwick, UK 1985



Selected Publications (beginning with the most recent) many available to download! Please be patient - I am gradually including texts to download. Most can be found on the GASPP website


Stubbs, P. and Zrinscak, S. (2005) 'Extended Social Europe?: social policy, social inclusion and social dialogue in Croatia and the European Union', in Ott, K. (ed.) Croatian Accession to the European Union: facing the challenges of negotiations. Zagreb: IJF and FES; 161-184. Download pdf English language Croatian language version


Stubbs, P. (2004) 'Transforming Local and Global Discourses: reassessing the PTSD movement in Bosnia and Croatia', in Ingleby, D. (ed) Forced migration and mental health: Rethinking the care of refugees and displaced persons. Kluwer. Download pdf


Stubbs, P. (2004) 'Globalisation, Memory and Consultancy: towards a new ethnography of policy advice and welfare reform' in Ethnographies of Aid - Exploring development texts and encounters, Gould, Jeremy ; Secher Marcussen, Henrik (eds.). Roskilde , Denmark : Roskilde University IDS Occasional Papers.


Stubbs, P. (2004) 'Social Policy and the Fight Against Poverty and Social Exclusion in the Western Balkans'. SEERC Bulletin 1(2)


Stubbs, P. (2003) 'Dealing with the Past in Bosnia-Herzegovina , Croatia , and Serbia & Montenegro'. Report for Quaker Peace and Social Witness, London Download pdf.


Deacon, B. and Stubbs, P. (2003) 'The Making of Social Policy in South-Eastern Europe: theories, methods, politics'. Paper presented to GASPP 6 Seminar, Thessaloniki , Greece . (downloadable from the SEERC website pdf)


Stubbs, P. (2003) 'Croatia and the European Union: challenges and contradictions'. In Integrating the Western Balkans into Europe : the aftermath of the Greek EU Presidency, Stone, David A; Syrri, Despina (eds.).Thessaloniki : South-East European Research Centre. Download pdf


Stubbs, P. (2003) 'International Non-State Actors and Social Development Policy' in Global Social Policy 3 (3). Download pdf


Stubbs, P. (2002) 'Globalisation. Memory and Welfare Regimes in Transition: towards an anthropology of transnational policy transfers', in International Journal of Social Welfare 11 (4); 321-30. Special Issue on 'Memory' (ed. Darja Zavirsek). download as pdf


Stubbs, P. (2001) 'New Times?: towards a political economy of 'civil society' in contemporary Croatia', in Narodna Umjetnost (Croatian J of Ethnology and Folklore Research), 38 (1); 89-103. (A slightly revised Croatian version appeared in Mestrovic, M. (ed) Globalizacije i njene refleksije u Hrvatskoj, Economics Institute, Zagreb; 95-109.) Download


Bagic, A., et al (7 authors including Stubbs, P.) (2002) S evaluacijom na TI! Evaluation manual for civil initiatives. QPSW, Sarajevo.


Stubbs Paul (2001) Rights in Crisis and Transition: developing a children's agenda for South Eastern Europe. SEECRAN and SCF (downloadable in pdf from the SEECRAN web site)


Stubbs, P. (2001) 'Imagining Croatia?: exploring computer-mediated diasporic public spheres', in Povrzanovic Frykman, M. (ed.) Beyond Integration: challenges of belonging in diaspora and exile. Lund: Nordic Academic Press; 195-224.


Stubbs, P. (2001) Social Sector' or the Diminution of Social Policy?: regulating welfare regimes in contemporary Bosnia-Herzegovina', in Papić, Ž. (ed.) Policies of International Support to South Eastern European Countries: lessons (not) learnt from BiH. Sarajevo: OSI. (Chapter download in pdf )


Stubbs, P. (2000) 'Partnership or Colonisation?: the relationship between international agencies and local NGOs in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In Deacon, B. (ed.) 'Civil Society, NGOs and Global Governance', GASPP Occasional Papers 7. (download pdf)


Peirce, P. and Stubbs, P. (2000) 'Peacebuilding, Hegemony and Integrated Social Development: the UNDP in Travnik, BiH', in Pugh, M. (ed.) Regeneration of War-torn Societies. Macmillan. (download )


Stubbs, P. (1999) 'Virtual Diaspora? Imagining Croatia Online'. in Sociological Research Online 4 (2).


Stubbs, P. (1999) Displaced Promises: forced migration, refuge and return in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Sweden: LPI.


Stubbs, P. (1999) 'Social Work and Civil Society in Bosnia-Herzegovina: globalisation, neo-feudalism and the state.' in Lesnik, B. (ed) International Perspectives in Social Work: Social Work and the State (download )


Engberg, U. and Stubbs, P. (1999) 'Social Capital and Integrated Development: a civil society grants programme in Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina'. Joint GASPP and Plymouth International Studies Occasional Paper. (download pdf)


Soroya, B. and Stubbs, P. (1998) 'Ethnicity, Forced Migration and Psychosocial Work in Croatia, in Medicine, Conflict and Survival 14; 303-313.


Stubbs, P. (1998) 'Conflict and Co-operation in the Virtual Community: eMail and the wars of the Yugoslav succession', in Sociological Research Online, 3(3).


Stubbs, P. and Gregson, K. (eds.) (1998) 'Social Policy, Protection and Practice: the care of vulnerable groups in Bosnia-Herzegovina'. Sarajevo: Svijetlost. (Bosnian and English Language Versions).


Stubbs, P. (1998) 'Non-Governmental Organisations and Global Social Policy: towards a socio-cultural framework', in Deacon, B., Koivusalo, M. and Stubbs, P. Aspects of Global Social Policy Analysis, pp. 63-87. Helsinki: STAKES.


Deacon, B. and Stubbs, P. (1998) 'International Actors and Social Policy Development in Bosnia-Herzegovina: globalism and the 'new feudalism, in Journal of European Social Policy, 8(2); 99-115. (download )


Stubbs, P. (1997) 'NGO Work with Forced Migrants in Croatia: lineages of a global middle class', in International Peacekeeping, 4(4); 50-59.


Stubbs, P. (1997) 'Croatia: NGO Development, Globalism and Conflict', in Bennett, J. (ed.) NGOs and Governments, pp. 77-87. INTRAC/ICVA.


Deacon, B., with Hulse, M. and Stubbs, P. (1997) Global Social Policy. Sage.


Stubbs, P. (1997) 'Social Reconstruction and Social Development in Croatia and Slovenia: the role of the NGO sector'. Leeds Met University, ISPRU Occasional Papers in Social Studies, 7.


Stubbs, P. (1997) 'A Focus on Social Work Training in Central and Eastern Europe: some initial findings', in Connelly, N. and Stubbs P. Trends in Social Work Education Across Europe, pp. 19-28. NISW/CCETSW.


Deacon, B., Heikkila, M., Kraan, R., Stubbs, P. and Taipale, V. (1996) 'Action for Social Change, A New Facet of Preventive Peace-keeping: the case of UNPREDEP', Helsinki: STAKES.


Mimica, J. and Stubbs, P. (1996) 'Between Relief and Development? theories, practice and evaluation of psycho-social projects in Croatia' in Community Development Journal, 31(4); 281-290.


Stubbs, P. and Soroya, B. (1996) 'War Trauma, Psycho-social Projects and Social Development in Croatia' in Medicine, Conflict and Survival, 12; 303-314.


Stubbs, P. and Sertic, N. (1996) 'Non-Governmental Organisations, Funding and Social Welfare in Croatia and Slovenia' in Croatian Journal of Social Policy, 3(1); 25-30. (Croatian language version).


Stubbs, P. (1996) 'Nationalisms, Globalization and Civil Society in Croatia and Slovenia' in Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change, 19; 1-26. (download )


Stubbs, P. (1996) 'Creative Negotiations: concepts and practice of integration of refugees, displaced persons and local communities in Croatia' in Jambresic Kirin, R. and Povrzanovic, M. (eds.) War, Exile, Everyday Life, pp. 31-40. Zagreb: Institute for Ethnology and Folklore Research. (download )


Stubbs, P. (1995) 'Working with Refugee and Displaced Children: from 'trauma' to 'safety'?' in Balledux M. and de Mare J. (eds.) Ouder- en Kindzorg voor Migranten en Fluchtilingen, pp. 149-154. Assen: Van Gorcum. (Article in English in Dutch Publication).


Pecnik, N. and Stubbs, P. (1995) 'Croatia: from dependency to development?, in University of Reading Rural Extension Bulletin, 8. (download )''


Deacon, B., Soroya, B. and Stubbs, P. (1994) 'Globalisation, Post-Communism and Social Policy', in Croatian Journal of Social Policy, 1(4); 333-338. (Croatian language version). (download )


Pecnik, N., Soroya, B. and Stubbs P. (1994) 'Sunflowers of Hope: social work with refugees and displaced persons in Croatia', in Practice, 8. (download )


Boucaud, P. and Stubbs, P. (1994) 'Access to the Media and the Challenge to Cultural Racism in France', in Husband, C. (ed.) A Richer Vision, pp. 85-105. UNESCO/John Libbey.


Stubbs, P. (1993) ''Ethnically sensitive' or 'anti-racist'? Models for Health Research and Service Delivery' in Ahmad, W. (ed.) 'Race' and Health in Contemporary Britain, pp. 34-47. Open University Press.


Gambe, D., Gomes, J., Kapur, V., Rangel, M., and Stubbs, P. (1992) Anti-racist Child Care Practice. Vol 2 of CCETSW's CD Project on Anti-Racist Social Work Education. CCETSW.


Bradford PQ Partnership (1991) (8 authors including Stubbs, P.) Antiracism Requirements and the Diploma in Social Work, in CCETSW One Small Step Towards Racial Justice, CCETSW; 20-40.


Stubbs, P. (1991) 'The Children Act 1989: an anti-racist perspective' in Practice, 5(3); 226-229.


Stubbs, P. (1989) 'Promoting Anti-Racist Practice' in Blagg, H. and Wattam, C. (eds.) Child Sexual Abuse. Longman/NSPCC.


Stubbs, P. (1987) 'Racism and the Left: a new opportunity' in Critical Social Policy, 20; 91-97.


Stubbs, P. (1987) 'Crime, Community, and the 'Multi-Agency Approach: a critical reading of the Broadwater Farm Inquiry Report', in Critical Social Policy, 20.


Stubbs, P. (1987) 'Professionalism and the Adoption of Black Children' in British Journal of Social Work, 17(5).


Blagg, H. and Stubbs, P. (1986) 'Child Sexual Abuse and the Multi-Agency Approach: towards child-centred practice?' in Practice, 2(1).


Stubbs, P. (1985) 'The Employment of Black Social Workers: from 'ethnic sensitivity' to anti-racism?' in Critical Social Policy, 12; 6-27.

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